Concert Bands

There are currently 2 performing bands at Chattahoochee High School. The Wind Ensemble is for the most accomplished players on their instruments. Symphonic Band is for those students still learning to master their instruments. There is also a Fundamentals band class to help those students begin their journey learning about their instrument and the basics of music. Students will be placed in one of the four band classes based upon the placement auditions before each semester.

Semester and Spring auditions are held every year to re-seat all bands. Any student interested in moving to a higher level group may submit a recording of all 12 major scales and a chromatic scale by the end of Winter exams to try to unseat a player in another group. The process is explained fully in the band handbook below.

The Band Department believes in grouping students according to ability fo facilitate their growth as musicians. Challenges have been put in place as a motivational and reward system for those students who choose to work hard and improve their band or chair and to keep those in higher groups from becoming complacent.